Oh! 'Mavis'

I felt like that at the beginning but over time I became used to it and never bothers me now .
However I think we all do assume when we see lone women travellers then we start judging I know I do I can't help it as I know they are also doing the same to me
Think my big thing is is when my hubby is waiting for me to come through those doors and he starts behaving like buddy the elf at Christmas and shouting babe for all of the airport to hear .
That's when I want the ground to swallow me haha


This is one of the funniest threads I have read.
The imagination is running away with me.
From 75 year olds to Laura in a business suit.
From a husband shouting babe.
I hated walking through those airport doors and every one standing there.
My husband waving his arms as if I didn't recognise him. Couldn't miss him in his Adidas clothes wearing jack Jones sunglasses.:D