pls help me

Ow! I remember I was on pen pal site once. It 's even called Palpen or something close to it. I went there to practice languages. And it was like "OMFG! Am I on a dating site?" , because I have been attacked by males from Turkey, Morocco, and etc with poor English and stupid conversations which I did not want. I had to block 1/2 of list of the countries, I suppose, but anyway this sort of guys have been creeping in still somehow. My next step was to limit all the "palls" to girls only. But no one freaking girl wanted to speak with me.:D Well, I tried to speak with 2 actually, without success. I had good idea they definitely preferred speaking with boys. :D
you are funny, thank u. yes i met some interesting people but most were from N Africa and wanted money.. I did meet an intelligent guy from Syria who was a lecturer now in college in Sweden, This was years ago but thank u for responding
Of course no one is judging you ,,as you say no one writes to a pen pal anymore ,,its all done by internet ,faster and effeciently .I used to have penpals from all over the world ,wait weeks or months for a reply ,but there was no danger then,,Now its a rats haven ,espically during off season in Tunisia and its easy to get trapped in their web of lies .We all know this and understand what your going through,,,Please dont take offence because sometimes it even frustrates me ,knowing a rat succeeded in scamming another innocent person ,through the internet .Having read and listened to many stories of abuse and heartache from members ,only aggrivates the frustation even more .It seems to never end and sometimes i feel whats the point ,no one listens ,,But then i hear from a member ,who was devastatingly abused by a rat and writes, that had she not had the support from TLR ,she woudlnt have coped and just being able to talk about her pain ,is what got her through,So please stick with us and talk to us xx
thank you so much