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Feb 28, 2018
Random question about What I’m sure it is a rat case but from different nationality.
This random guy went To USA as tourist with his girlfriend many years ago, they never got married but they lived toghether since then. She had family in USA so they overstayed their tourist visa, they had children born American citizens. He was working with a social security number from other person, she was at college but I don’t know the circumstances. Somehow he was threatened at that job and feared deportation, took the whole family to their origin country. He started from 0 to work and build a career, now that their children are grown up they as Americans decided to go back and claim their rights, one of them even appears in some sort of military uniform. Parents are still not married but living together and planning to go back in two years. Is that possible? Is That easy? Or they are trusting their children will do paperwork for them... is that fast?
The question would be if they got deported for overstaying a visitor visa or for breaking the law by using another persons ID. Using a false identity is fraud and I think that the man will have a tough time getting in despite the children sponsoring if he was caught. The children can go, they are American. But will immigrations forgive the laws that were broken for the parents application?
The children still have to prove they can support the parents if they sponsor, and it could take time for them to get established.


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Aug 17, 2018
I click on it but it don't allow to change from royal to flat awesome.


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Jul 13, 2018
:oops: I like the new colours, just the letters are way too small and my nose is almost touching the screen :D:D


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Jul 11, 2016
I’m just so relieved! I really thought a Tunisian fucktard had messed up my screen! I’m so thankful that this is not my fault! Everything else was....according to that lying psychopath! Big relief!!! I still can’t do emoticons on this new layout! (Cry cry!)
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