Rat Behaviour - A Different Perspective


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I've been thinking ;
"Why do rats justify the stuff they do ?" is probably a question we would like an answer to .

The rat : A local Tunisian man, usually 18-30 years of age, dreams of leaving the country for "a better life" which from what I know is just so he can drink, have sex, and do drugs without the social stigma believing that life there is heaven (to some extent).

The Tunisian woman : May have been beaten during childhood, succumbs to the pressures of family, friends and society at large, "do this, don't wear that, come back late and I'll beat you, who the hell is that guy ?" ...etc . grows up a bit, gains experience dating, usually dates social butterflies, occasionally bad boys (degenerates who ride a bike and spend their day in a cafe talking about football) she believes she can turn into marriage material .

Observation #1 : With the rise of feminism, arose a hatred expressed by men towards women, it seems that the Tunisian man didn't take kindly to the abolishing of gender roles and his loss of control, in some sense the Tunisian man sees the Tunisian woman as an object he must control or otherwise, a threat. With women going into the workforce, making money and getting assets (Housing, Cars...etc) there was also envy on the part of men .

Observation #2 : I asked many people about this, most young Tunisian men believe the following : "if she has sex, she's a whore, I would have sex given the chance but I would never marry a whore"; this kind of twisted logic stems from the hatred previously spoken about, the reason why Tunisian men don't connect or express any emotional attachment towards those whom they woo (= have sex with) is because they believe that they're filtering the whores out, they also think it's okay to cheat, it's all part of the "chikha" (a term denoting actions that induce euphoria in general).

Observation #3 : Tunisian men are sexually frustrated with the "non-whores" because they can't woo them leading to more hatred, and thus domestic abuse upon marriage.

Conclusion : Tunisian men believe that the emancipated and self reliant women of the developed world are all whores, objects of pleasure and lastly resources, they justify this with "life is unfair to me" after all in their mind, a woman having more social freedom and access to more resources than them simply "shouldn't be" so they not only feel entitled but also have a type of Punish-er mentality "They're whores, they deserve it".
The case of the rat isn't so much about foreigners, it's more about the Tunisian men's inability to adapt to the social changes brought on by modernism and feminism.

Hope this was helpful, just a thought and sorry for the long post .


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Well reading your statement describing the difference between Tunisian men/women mentality doesn’t say much for foreign women! Thanks goodness our men in the West accept us for HOW we are and not HOW we suppose to behave, LONG LIVE FREEDOM ✊ lol
Enjoy it I guess :thumbsup: .