Rat Behaviour - the tell-tail signs to look for


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I did enjoy the programme and it's good to get the news of whats going on out there. Although I had read the story of 2 of these women previously in the news papers a while back and there was nothing different to what i'd read. Just from my personal point of view the programme wasn't hard hitting enough about how these rats target people and how they have a plan from the outset. I've read a lot of things since about the programme where people just think they were dillusional women who deserved what they got.


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Sent in by Anonymous

Here are some gems sent in by an anonymous viewer:

Unemployed or low Qualified job or working in tourism industry for example ...animation...beach work..
cafe...hotel waiter....anyone dealing or hanging round tourists or tourist areas.

Claiming to speak lots of languages....this is because mine worked in the casbah(as a child) pulling
in tourists for the shops....they learn a little of each language...like Marks and Spencers...
and think they are bilingual.

My husband told me that Tunisians think all European are rich because their clothes are so nice, however when he came to live here he realised they all buy new clothes for holiday so they are never dressed in anything old in Tunisia, this was an eyeopener for him.

Asking for money for clothes for the family..example my little sister has no shoes ....my mother she has nothing...they play on your sympathy. I sent hundreds of pounds worth of clothes to the scadgy family.

They want as many mobiles as possible because they sell them for a profit and say they lost them that's why they always ask for phones.

Multiple different e mail addresses and names.

Family of rats are often involved in the scam and encourage it..the mothers are probably the worst offenders here and welcome the victim with open arms.

I have a friend who has photos of the mother in law entertaining the girlfriend (another victim) in their home while wearing the clothes the wife had just sent her as a gift....the mother was earlier on the phone telling the wife...you are good wife. These mothers need a rat name Delene.....what about Matriach Rat....Queen rat.... Mother rat.. Oh I like Mother Rat head of the rat pack.....

Perfume....Oh tell me about fucking perfume.....my mother rat in law wanted Elizabeth Taylor perfume...

They always want to take your car to Tunisia to show off........I was supposed to drive the fucking shogun all the way through Europe onto a ferry in Italy over to Tunisia so that he could show off....fuck offfffff"
I remember my ex unemployed Tunisian rat told me we will buy an expensive car After marriage and we will drive it in Tunisia everytime we will go there so that "my friends and everybody can see that I am successful". Of course I was supposed to buy the damned car. When I told him I don't have money to buy a second car for him, he said "Are you kidding me ?? You don't have 2,000 € to spend for my car??". I could not believe it!