Rat hygiene.


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I have laughed so much reading this thread! So funny.
My ex was spotless- no hygiene problems - could not tolerate anything like that. Also the comment about being 'impaled' by the size of his zibi - I was also lucky in that department. Shame he was a liar.


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Watching Maghreb tv music channel - love it - but bitter sweet memories. Not going to stop enjoying the good aspects of the Arab culture.


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Ok, so I decided this one was so funny and disgusting, it deserved it's own thread!!

When my friend has a little wobble, I try to turn the story around to give her a little giggle. Last night was about rat hygiene....or lack of. Quite an eye opener for me, Houssem Ktari was a filthy rat :eek:

My friend became aware on her second from last visit that her rat hardly ever had a shower. She keeps a personal diary and found a discreet way of keeping a 'Houssem had a shower' log and a 'Houssem brushed his teeth' log. :D I honestly thought I was going to die with laughter! Everytime she mentioned that he hadn't showered for days, he said it was too cold (October to January). He wore the same clothes, including underwear, everyday. He slept in his clothes, went out in his clothes and never washed either himself, his clothes nor brushed his teeth :eek:

On her last visit June/July, she kept her diary again. He showered maybe once a week under duress....this was scorching hot, summer temperatures! He kept laughing and telling her his armpits smelled like onions :sick: She used to beg him to shower! Everyday, countless times throughout the day, she checked his toothbrush - it was dry everytime! She started leaving the toothbrush in various positions - it never moved! She said his teeth looked hairy and he always had a big piece of spit connecting his top and bottom teeth when he laughed - it made her nauseous, she has a very sensitive gag reflex! I was in stitches at her description :D

He used to cover his hair everyday with half a tub of hair gel - perhaps to disguise the unwashed odour?

Needless to say, this has both amused me and disgusted me! I was curious as to whether anybody else has come across this issue? Is it normal behaviour or did she quite literally find herself a dirty rat? :D
That's just sick lol


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Well my rat (rafik ayari) was clean in every way apart from the fact he never brushed his teeth and they are really really bad teeth ... Never seen teeth so bad in someone relatively young (31)


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My rat he did shower,but without soap,so he always smell sweat,or he he used deodorant without to wash.... blææææhhhh...
Just wonder how did he explain the washing without the soap?:confused: Or may be the rats still dont know about soap existance.

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They say “Love is blind”. It seems Love also affects the olfactory sensations too :sick: :D
I think it does, because my rat hardly ever seemed to smell! How is this possible?
He showered at best, once a week....under duress!
He wore the same clothes day and night until I had to practically peel them off for the laundry....t'was like dropping bricks into the old twintub!
I honestly NEVER saw him brush his teeth once in our time together, literally......NOT ONCE!!
So why did he not smell like the dead every day? :confused:
He hardly ever washed his hair, maybe once a fortnight. He just covered it in hair gel and my expensive, coconut hair serum, grrrrrrr :Evil:
The only two times I was aware that he actually smelled reeeeeeeally offensive was once after Eid when he ate Merguez sausages....omg, his breath was rank for two days :sick: And also, the one time he was pissing himself with laughter because his armpits smelled like onions (his words).
Sometimes, he'd buy cheap perfume at the F&F shop over the road, this would hide odour to a degree, I guess...but I still don't understand :confused:
How is this possible? Come on Laura, you are the brains of TLR.......HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? He was filthy...so why did he not smell 24/7?!!!! :D:D:D