Rats who have escaped Tunisia.


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Feb 28, 2018
How can they be entitled to health care when they work black?
They get health care with the assistance or benefits. Then they work off the books on the side for extra money. I read about people getting caught all the time in Canada. They wine and complain they get caught. No one has sympathy. It is fraud. So there is punishment.

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Aug 29, 2015
Plus unlike in Tunisia it is not the done thing to buy 1 coffee and then sit there all day with it.
Always amazed me they were able to get away with this....no way would that be accepted in civilised countries!

I used to see them all the time, two expressos between four/five, a packet of fags slung on the table, a phone each....and free WiFi for hours of scamming. They’d pop home for a nap, a meal cooked by mummy....and then back to the coffee shop to repeat the cycle :rolleyes:

Back then, I did not know about rats and bezness, I was the naive foreigner that innocently asked why these young men did not look for employment, and did not understand what they were laughing at as they showed their phones to others around the table :oops:

It happens abroad too though, to a lesser degree and with a coffee each, In England, Italy (Gelato parlours) and Greece, you still see multitudes of them sat outside coffee shops...and I now understand these scenes that I’ve watched for years with no understanding....it makes my blood boil now I know :Evil:

The Stone Age culture always goes with them :rolleyes:


Dec 29, 2016
That is perhaps the worst of it all - the Tounsis take the "steal and lie as you go" mentality with them to Europe.

I want justice for all, a good life for everyone, etc. etc., but I must say I look differently at the "immigrants" issue since I have seen first hand how "my" rat and his Toensi family (and oh... they can be ever so sweet, gentle, and most of all *so religious* ) are taking advantage of the wellfare system as if it was created to swindle with. Proud stories of how benefits were received based on con games - sickness while not being sick, unemployment while having a job, etc. etc.. All based on the Tounsi mentality - Hey, if those Europeans are so stupid to believe me, they deserve it to be stolen from. Be it a woman who thinks there is love, or the social benefit system, whatever. Flous is flous. Atini flous!
What's sad is these assholes get the benefits while born citizens have to fight for them. Atleast that's what's happening alot here in states.
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