Saber / Sabio Aghrbi / Agrebi from Sousse


Major Ratslayer
Im not in on any scam, thank you very much. and also: i do have contact with the english girl. And i'd like to say that none of this is her fault either. What's more is : we are separated, to get divorced: Because I want to. Not because of any other reasons you may speak of here. my family is not a subject, neither is my son. Or money. Because he never scammed me for money. he even payed for his own tickets back and forth from tunisia. And thats not by scamming, but working: I know this because i saw it with my own eyes. And he was visiting norway, because I wanted to give birth in comfortable surroundings, with the best health care that we could possibly have, as i had complications.
I am not trying to defend his actions in any way, but straightening out your facts here, only.

What he is doing now, in his love or work life, i dont have anything to do with it.
Hi fellow citizen

I have not noticed you before, but if you would like to pm me in Norwegian you can, obviously my story is different than yours. But my x husband did not " like" Norway very much either and reading how he talks about you in T, it could have been the same rat. But as you have decided to not classify him as a rat, still with the info of Laurence, surprises me!

Ofcourse you don't want your child to have a rat father so it's natural to protect him, but why did he not like Norway ? Did it take to long to get the Norwegian classes, the job permit or was it the cold weather?

With the info I have on T men and supplemented by Laurence here ( living there) I know with very much security either other women payed his tickets or he was working with drugs/illegal activities that payed his way.

I personally find it hard to figure out
What your personal motives is for deciding he is not rat, when absolutely all evidence is there that he is,
- if you want speak to me in Norwegian.

Hope you and your son are ok!
Alt godt


Has Any body have been talk to His GF from Uk ? i see his profile on FB . i see his Son too . i see His GF From UK too . only 6 weeks to get her babe .
is better to let her know what's going on . or his gf from UK she know about him & about his son in Norway ?


Hi Cha9 and welcome.
Looks like nationality in the least of your worries.

As a newbie please forgive our non UK members for getting it wrong.
Can we help you with anything?
Not really a "newbie" been here since Nov!! No help required just stating im welsh not english to the threads calling me english girl.....


Hi cha9

I hope your ok firstly, secondly I hope you see the sympathy that people have being wishing your way.

As this is a big bloody mess the details off which is nobodys business but the people involved. I think any that posted would really understand that.

What should Be public business is the fact that this rat seems to be proud of his achievements in hurting people even his own child or childern.

My bottom line is there is not one member here against you or poking fun making a joke of this situation.

This site is a wealth of information to support any situation.

The very best of luck to you I hope you have a happy future. hugs


They used people from the irish army reserve, as extras You can see them all behind Mel Gibson. tbh this is prob the only war action they have seen. lol:D


@Npk tell me something . @cha9 she is from wales & her bf is Sabio Agrebi .
Or @cha9 he pretend to be a girl & he talk instead of his GF . ?
ok so as i understand Cha9 has been a member since november 2013 and has had or is having a relationship with this tunisian. I could be wronge.

The only thing she/he objected too was being labeled as english.

If this was the RAT BAST**D I would think they would have alot more to say example the usual crap
we are bitches and whatever.:rolleyes:


@Alien you see the video or not yet ? YouTube not work there ?
Youtube works here of course, but somehow in your post the screen is empty on my computer now, and I can't see anything. :(

Just this......:( An empty screen..... Can you send me on Fb?

Tactfulls video on tlr.JPG


First of all: I am Sorry @cha9, i did not know you were from Wales, I just recently learned . :) Big sorries for the misunderstanding dear!! :*

Anywhooo.. i decided not to classify him as a RAT per se; as long as he was with me. And I knew where he was working, how he earned his money and exactly how much he earned at any point, as his boss(es) was my friend ( and still is). And i usually hung out at the place where he worked, as it was a relaxed atmosphere, and as i said, his bosses were my friends to.. Our economical situation were as husband and wife: I had full control over his paycheck, as a wife should. haha. and I never touched whatever money i would have before it was absolutely needed, and only for my own sake , or our sons needs. But this needs no more explaining, right?

To answer some more questions: the problem were not that he "didnt like" Norway, as much as it was the fact that his Visa was denied because he applied from here, after firstly staying here with a touristicvisa. he was obliged to apply from tunisia, and not norway. so he had to go back. and as he went back, we decided that me and my son should go down there for a visit before sorting out wether or not he should apply again from tunisia. I decided NOT to back him in this, because i did not wish to continue a relationship with him as i found out that he had been thoroughly CHEATING on me, both when he were in Norway and after he came back home to Tunisia. So i left, with my son, to have a better life here in Norway.

So thats it i guess..

But I did not say that he is not a rat NOW, because his actions speak clearly.
Take care girls, and be warned.

And as i know now, there is a Belgic woman living with him..
wich he probably had his precious scooter as a gift from ;)
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