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Salah(Slah) Abidi from Jendouba, a dangerous rat


Major Ratslayer
You might hear from him again. His friends will be telling you fairytales about him having an accident or being in prison. He will need your help. He will be blackmailing you if he has any intimate pics of yours. He may threaten you. That’s Salah and that’s what he does in life!
Yes you were right,two days ago he sent me a message,ve wanted me to apologize that i blocked him.....Lol


Major Ratslayer
It work now,
There's a load of rats in jendouba.so the older ones are teaching the younger ones there skills cos there's no work there .but big scammers before internet cafes but now with there phoned there scamming the English by day and Americans vandalism three the night .AND ANY WOMAN HERE THAT SENDS MONEY FOR MEDICIAL.THEY HAVE HOSIPITALS LIKE US .YES THERE'S PRIVATE BUT THEY JUST GO THERE TO ORDINARY HoSIPITAL AND KEEP YOUR MONEYmost of them are all ready taken for by there families so they go on the hunt to scam for there bride