Sorry for beeing a coward ladies


Rat Expert
Jul 11, 2016
The behaviour is taught. It is taught by the parents and other family members. It is the way of life for rat families and communities. I think there are too many rats in Tunisia and for the good people to interfere will create problems for the good family. I think the bezness families stick to their own. There may be some good families that have a bezness rat who is just wanting a visa, but I beleive most are rat families and the young men and women are raised to be rats. It’s the rat culture.
If you think your Tunisian man is the exception, look at his family. How many have relationships with foreigners? My rat told me his brother got to go back and forth to Canada for his job. Really? Which company does he work for? No answer. Deflection. He is a rat. My rat also told me that one of his brothers had a young women visiting him from Italy for a week.
My rat wanted me to come visit him.
More red flags.
Rat family.
Spot on! Abdelhak came from that rat environment and learned from them! Disgusting vermin!
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