Stereotypes, understanding and self love

Mango Chutney

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They deserve each other... I’m angry at this
Ah, you've found the lovely Gabrielaali!
She's something else, ain't she :D
Another one like BossGirl, that came here asking for advice and turned into the bitch from hell when members told her the truth....and not the reassuring words of comfort (aka lies) that she wanted to hear :rolleyes:
Nasty, ungrateful people!!
Nice Mango turns into nasty Mango with lying, spiteful cows like this :thumbsup:

Mango Chutney

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Worse than Bossgirl, at least BG says her husband is the best bla bla. This Gabrielaali is justifying Rat behaviour and blaming victims plus herself wants to find a sugar daddy to pay her rent. Changing boyfriend as shoes (if she has. Maybe she has only one and her chanclas /flip flops) you’re right! Both attacked members and showed off their privileged minds. Just this girl made me mad as hell.
They both made me mad as hell!
Ungrateful, deluded fools.
This one tries to justify bezness, Bossgirl implies we are stupid, she says we are not smart because we were scammed by a rat.....even though she's on her second. Her words imply we deserved it.....and I'm sick of her saying we are all prejudiced, negative etc! None of us believe all Tunisian men are the same....we say all rats are the same....which they are, including hers :rolleyes:
Why aye this thread man hahaha.
She is just as much of a rat as him .
Basically saying its ok to use people and she will try her best to love them as long as they are not old. I would rather be skint with nothing at all than use anyone.
They tend to forget they may not have as much money but cost of living in these countrys is not as high, they just see £££££ and income they forget we have to live.


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Yes, same modus operandi. Unbelievable if she was on a previous rat situation she shows no empathy or at least consideration. The other girl said the same plus mistreating ladies calling them pathetic. She needs a full body mirror. :Evil:
It will take time, she probably will come around after the second time around when her rat shows his true colours. Something tells me she is in denial, does anyone buy the fact that she says he has a job like that (internet security specialist). Does anyone else buy the fact that he has a lot of money it was a modest wedding at best. She is one of those "it can't happen to me" and then off he goes after a year or so when he gets his green card haha! We have many members how can all of us be wrong about the rats, and who is she to pass judgement sooner or later she will come back here when she needs us.
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That's so Geordie!!! It's like Auf Wiedersehen Pet (had to Google that spelling) :D:D

She's a nutter, ain't she! You must ensure you read both of her threads to truly appreciate what a rat she is :D

Thank you....that's saved me popping over to Google again :D

I am a geordie i.just forget sometimes not everyone else is hahaha