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I would NOT post a photo of myself here. Why should I ??? Do you post your own picture on the forums ? when you are discussing or accusing people to be RATS or LIARS ? I don t think so...
I am trying to make you understand that the Tarek i knew and shared the life for 4 years, IS NOT the Tarek that the women here are depicting..
Anyway, 1 or 2 ladies from the forum know who i am is not it ? I think is Heidi who said in one of her answers in April, that she saw me with Tarek. So, she must know who i am..
As to my intentions towards Tarek, they are just friendly as we are separated since 1 year now.
But knowing him well and being a friend, i can t let all these rumours going on without reacting..I hope you can understand my point of view..
Now, maybe you can prove he is a rat, but that woman claiming she got a child from him, i am sorry but it seems really weird that she came here after 6 years to said that Tarek is the father.
Even if she doesn 't speak english, she could have wrote in German 6 years ago, like she is doing now....
But u expect the other lady to prove who she is ! Fairs fair ! And ,yes,my pictures here,I couldn't give a brown substance....if it means exposing a RAT


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Its getting boring don't u think ? If u KNOW he's not a rat then why do u give a crap what we think !!! Why are you wasting precious time defending this EX ,and why aren't u with him,if he's so bloody great ? Because u were I'll ? Doesn't make sense ! Or did he throw u away cos u can't work anymore !!?! You will never convince us he's NOT a rat ,we have seen with our own eyes the character of this scum,disrespectful to women ! Threatening ! All the traits of the generic ,filthy low life love RAT


i can name one.

Works hotel marhaba in sousse tunisia.
has been working there since 2008-jan time
finished last year then worked sahara beach for a few months.
then went back to marhaba then left now he is back.

Has gotten married and is having a baby. Well i know at least 5 people who are having his baby.

Ill give his Initials.
Salah Aich


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what with the new summer season coming up I was wondering if there is a thread on here where we could put the names to the test. This may not be ethical.... I dont know . But what if I were to name a tunisian man- and see if anyone else knows him - or if anyone else has 'encountered' him. Im not suggesting all of the guys are playing games - but perhaps if we were bold enough to name the guy we met and fell for - would we find out a few of us have fallen for the same guy I wonder?
I have just posted my own questions about someone, and mentioned his name as well. With a photo.
Think it’s the only way to rule out if someone else have encountered them as well.
Might not be the most ethical way, but don’t how else to rule it out‍♀


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I never said that i was an expert in Islam or tunisian culture. I try to respect the people and their religion, that's it.
Yes i have read the threats and i have read also how you were pushing him around to. I think just 1 or 2 members of the forum tried to be fair with him. But at that time he was really angry.
All this are taking big proportions now. I came just here for one thing. I don t want to argue, but how you are treating the whole thing is unfair.
Islamic marriages are accepted in Islam if they are done according to the Sunna. I don’t know about Tunisia but as far as our religion you don’t have to have a legal marriage.


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Islamic marriages are accepted in Islam if they are done according to the Sunna. I don’t know about Tunisia but as far as our religion you don’t have to have a legal marriage.
Religious-only marriages are invalid and against the law in Tunisia.

The "validity" of a marriage depends on what one considers "valid" anyway.

If you marry someone in a way that the other agree in, then you are validly married according to your_own_rites. If, however, you want a marriage to be valid in the state's eyes, it must follow the rites that this state considers valid. And, thirdly, if you want your marriage to be valid in another country as well, it _must_ be "official" in the country where you have married AND not against the third country's rule of conduct.

In this regard, a religious marriage is not valid in Tunisia, and not in any other country, but could be "valid" in the religion itself, amongst the members of this very congregation.