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Aug 2, 2013
Yes Poppy ,strong and self condident women know that but however it doesn't prevent them from going through hell and all need much time to recover !
We are all different ...the important thing this thread highlights is that some women never recover and even takes their lives away committing direct or indirect suicide ... Bezness generates very serious health and mental damage far beyond words...the stronger you are , you will never be the same ,life doesn't go on the same when it comes to relationships with men just as an example ...
Its important to give time, time .. its a great healer :)


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Jul 13, 2018
I heard a very sad story yesterday, of a lady who took her own life after being hurt by a rat. It made me realise how blessed I am to have good friends, family and the ability to move on and put the whole experience behind me. It hasn't been easy, but I am glad to say I am back to normal, well as normal as I ever was :D (I think our good summer has helped!)

To the ladies who think some of us here are bitter because of our experiences and that they can handle the situation no matter what happens, take note. Until you actually experience it, no one can understand how it feels to discover that you have been conned, lied to, used and abused, until it actually happens to you. It isn't pleasant, no matter how strong you think you are. The shock can have a huge and unexpected impact. That's why some of us get a little frustrated when we can see the probable truth that those blinded by love can't see.

I was at the funeral recently of a young family friend who also took his own life. The priest addressed the huge numbers of people at the service and reminded them that everything passes. Nothing is worth the devastation that a suicide leaves behind.

Everything passes. Even for those who ignore our advice, we will still be here to help pick up the pieces.

BG xx


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Nov 10, 2014
Its impossible to know the true extent of the crime or how many casualties their has been from this systematic sting. It started as early as the 70’s when foreign travel became popular but was largely romance scam after meeting the person face to face.

The millennium saw the emergence of the internet and boom the children of the 90’s found a new and effective way to keep this modern day scam up to date.

Public shame, humiliation and terminal dissapointment often prevents the scam being fully exposed.
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