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Hey chick....this is how it goes: You see the quote in my opening post? Well it was posted in a bezness group on FB to tip survivors off.

The warning is about a group created on FB by rats, that is solely for bragging purposes. They post screenshots and photos of expensive gifts given by victims, and of cash transfers.

The problem lies in the fact that the personal details of the victim are left exposed to every rat in the group....names, faces, places, bank details, addresses etc.
The rats put them there to brag, but if you read Brasilgirl’s posts on this thread....they show how these details shared by probably thousands of rats leave us very vulnerable, both now and in the future. I find it incredibly worrying for any victim that has given her rat any the wrong hands, this information provided in that group is priceless.

For the rats, I just think, my embarrassing to brag this way....find some freakin pride and morals.....but for victims and survivors shown there, it’s a potential problem.

The Habibi Group created by the rats was stumbled across by accident by a victim on her second rat.....she saw all the screenshots of her own transactions with her first rat there.

Hope this kinda makes sense :)
I understand... yes. My question was if we have any other information so that we perhaps uncover this group and report them. It's against FB policy to have personal info linked.

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I understand... yes. My question was if we have any other information so that we perhaps uncover this group and report them. It's against FB policy to have personal info linked.
No, we only have what I’ve posted here, the only other bits are personal information I can’t repeat, as it’s from a closed group....but it would not help to identify the rat group anyway :Cry:

see clearly

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But @Mango Chutney my rat is different. He pays for some things and I pay for some things:rolleyes:. How many times we heard this. In western culture it is normal to have a dual income, half on things kind of lifestyle. NOT WITH A RAT!!! Not with a good Tunisian man. They are taught that they are the head and the women are to take care of the children and home.

This is sickening and sad. :mad::Evil:

Ladies, YOUR RAT IS NOT DIFFERENT!!! Dont find yourself on this website trying to see the good in a rat.
Just mearly a lie to mix it up a bit . A bit of truth with a lie is always more belivable. No gifts nothing end of . I know its hard if someone is emotionally involved. Look at your Thai brides , your other ladies shoe on the other foot demanding money etc . Its just a no no dont ask .


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No, they haven’t got a link....they are trying to track it down too.
The girl I’m speaking to is on a Russian bezness we’re all desperate for a link from the woman that stumbled across it.

At least we know it’s out there, and to trust no Tunisian bloke with our personal details like bank numbers, house addresses etc he could be a rat, be he boyfriend, fiancé, husband, live in lover or whatever....he could be a keep this stuff hidden.

I’m worried about my stuff now, as my rat hacked the family bank accounts and Amazon account through my Kindle....all the numbers were changed with the bank and with Amazon as we fixed the mess, but there are other personal details attached to these accounts. Does your bloody nut in, don’t it :Evil:
And change your PIN numbers and online bank passwords on a regular basis. There are thieves everywhere.
this is shocking, but they are scum the lowest of the low capable of anything... when i was with my rat my account was hacked into twice, never imagined it was him, but maybe it was ..... it makes me so angry


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I know Facebook is slow as a snail when they get some reports but this info is delicate should be deleted. There must be a way to report it in mass. It is a fraudulent activity group. Even women agreeing in marriage for some money are complicit. Or to report to embassies.:Evil:
Another is on Facebook check your phone number is not on it cos it will be linked to other apps

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I looked in Facebook:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: and Instagram nothing, bloody parasites:Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil::Evil:
We’re you able to find the group?

I haven’t really looked for it. A rat found me on a car page on FB. I own a sports car that he swears cost 100,000 USD. Lol. So I guess he saw dollar signs that a woman owned that. The car is nowhere near that price here in the States. So he sent me a hello. Since, I have changed my name on FB, and rarely post on the car pages because they lurk there too. And I love cars, which makes me angry because I can’t post like I want without them sending a hello or hi dear message!


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I can't see anything nothing opens for me with that link
Hopefully it was reported and shut down already. I expect they have other places they share that kind of info. It is scary.
I suggest anyone who gave anything to their rats to change their account numbers. Talk to your bank! Credit cards are vulnerable too. Just because you don’t see charges doesn’t mean they are not using your good accounts to get new credit cards in your name.
Maybe even do a credit check on yourself to see if there are any credit cards or loans you are not aware of.
I would not trust a rat and I especially wouldn’t trust his friends or family!


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You don't see that on fb? Tunisian Scammers Team

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Although the information is old, it can still be valid. I saw one with a legal name and address and social security. I think her credit card detail was also given. The date may be expired, but the number may still be valid.
Can someone get some screen shots showing the posters? I think the embassies and immigrations will be interested in who these scammers are.