To all readers from USA and Canada...



He can tell her in private message :thumbsup:
He’ll probably feed her some line about having to try to hide from his bitter, jealous, crazy ex :rolleyes:
Lol Nothing would shock me that he might say or pull on anybody! Last year, I tried to figure it out. This year, I could care less! :thumbsup:You kept telling me that someday, I would be okay again. For a long time, I really had doubts. It did take a year, but it finally happened.:) I became okay again. It’s not just the heartbreak and the emotional pain.... you lose yourself, your personality, your identity to these fraudulent con artists. I remember us having serious talks about many things. One topic was Karma! :eek: Interesting, huh?


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The "old" continent, Europe, closing slowly its border by hardening spouse immigration laws and criteria, the Tunisian internet rats changed also their target countries, ladies from Canada and the USA becoming more and more aimed. European ladies learned it the hard way, thousands and thousands of them being bitten by Tunisian rats through financial, emotional and spousal scamming, they are now more and more armed (through experience, heresay, national law enforcments, TV programs and sites like this one) against the rattery. But USA and Canadian ladies still seem so very naive and unaware of how these Tunisian internet rats operate and what their aims are with them. These ladies think in their own local way (very respectful and with good intentions, proper to their education and surroiundings) and are the ideal victims for these rats! They do have years and years of experience to catch up in comparison to their European sisters (who, by the way, still got trapped as well!)

So this is ment for you American and Canadian ladies! Scamming, talking smoothly a lady into marriage, obtaining money and papers, that's all these internet rats are after. They don't even know what the word "love" means, they just know it works perfectly well with ladies that are in need of attention, caring, flaming love declarations, marriage demands, a lovely man in their lives....especially when the lady is weakened by recent divorce, death of a beloved one, ungrateful looks, elder age, loneliness etc...

So, please, when a Tunisian (mostly younger) man is approaching you on the internet (Facebook, Badoo, other dating or even touristical sites), don't fall into the trap. All these men are after is money and papers to get out of the country into the ElDorado (that's what they think of foreign countries). They're smooth talkers, they learned how to use (fake) love for their aims. Be Wise and aware of this and don't let them the chance of talking you into a virtual Relationship, as this is the first step into misery for you and your beloved ones!!!!
Why is it assume that Tunisian men are the only ones who do this.?
In this side of the world we have all of Latin America + Caribbeans. Americans are fully aware of green card scams. But in the USA mostly men are the targets of females from these countries. Plenty of Americans have been scammed by even our wealthy neighbors (Canada) and get this, Europeans!. I’ve personally have never heard of an American scamming someone for visa or citizenship to their country (might have happened, I have just never heard of it)

We are the worlds most desire distinction for immigrants. Blame Hollywood.
I would bet most Americans don’t even know where Tunisia is.
When Americans think of North Africa all they picture is Egypt and Morocco.
Americans are not as sheltered as everyone thinks because we have all heard stories of someone marrying a foreigner and said foreigner leaving them after the their green card came.