Tourists in Morocco


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The people living in the west of Turkey are, though, very different from those living in the mid and east of the country (Anatolia), and those, again, are very different from the ones living in the far border regions (Kurds). The western Turkish are sometimes almost western, while the Anatolians (who live in the country) are mostly conservative and traditional. Kurds are a kind of their own and live in the border region of Turkey, Iraq and Iran. They have been persecuted by the (conservative) Turks for quite some time (and are so, as of now).

There are some animators from Tunisia working in turkish hotels, btw (as well as in Egypt). :)
Been to both Turkey Egypt Tunisia and Morocco and I have to say that I think it was worst in Turkey. They are rude and have little respect for the tourists. The same in Egypt also especially in the tourist areas. No problems in morocco very quiet no hassle in the bazaar areas. In fact nice people when talking to the good ones Morocco is more open to the West (not all areas but Agadir)


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Not talking about these guys now but what it's like to be a tourist and I really liked Morocco because there was no hassle there.


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I have, on the other hand, heard quite a few reports from Marrakesch about hassling tourists. There have been also some TV shows about it (some available on youtube). Nice to hear that at least Agadir seems to have a comfortable atmosphere. :)


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I experienced no hassle whatsoever in Morroco...I wont go back though as I had severe food poisoning ...