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Tunisia guy living in italy for “work”



@Jennaf please do NOT stay in touch with him. If you keep chatting to him even occasionally, he will lure you in. He will tell you everything that you want to hear. He will make you feel special and once he gains a bit of your trust a "tragedy" will happen and you will be "the only person that he can trust and the only person that can help him". And he will still "not want your money cause he is not that kind of a guy" but you will feel sorry for him and obliged to help him so you will probably offer to send him some money yourself. He knows already that you are a kind person and he will use it. And after that there ]
The famous words “you are the only one I can trust
I have no one else to ask
You are my only true friend
I have never had real friend before who help me like you
I’ve fallen for them all
It’s all contrived mind games


Major Ratslayer
so i get this message on my facebook account from a guy i have never met nor do we have same friends or anyone in common. He starts off by saying hi then am i married! Lol and asking how old i was. Then starts talking about marriage to me. He wants me to go to italy. And its really strange i told him he either wants a visa or what not or hes gonna sell me for sex trafficking. He says im crazy and not normal. Whats going on? Hes from tunisia in italy for work.
Is it this one?


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Major Ratslayer
The rat I know managed to persuade his wife. All she doesn't know is that he's after me again, and probably after other victims. He thinks that all women want to have sex with that piece of s *** He believes that all women are desperate as must be a woman who accepts to be with a man who has sex with many women at night on her back, who lies being single, and who uses their child to melt the hearts for the purpose of taking money for himself. I said - he takes the child into his adulterous relationships and in order to exploit his lovers and use 3-4 year old child for it.
I believe I will have to take legal action to keep this swindler away from me. There is no other way.


Major Ratslayer
This is the same person,so he have more than one facebook. As all other rats
Yes thats him


Major Ratslayer
This is the same person,so he have more than one facebook. As all other rats