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Update. I guess you all were right. A little. Should I add his photos here?



Back in 2015 I wrote about my long-distance ex boyfriend. Me and him are no longer together and have not been speaking since a year ago. One day he disappeared online through skype for 2 long weeks, then came back and disappeared again. I was speaking with him for almost 3 years on video, over the phone, through text and I did plan on meeting him but back then my financial and living situation was not the best. I was in a bad position. When I would search for flights or hotels he would pick the most expensive places. His living situations in Tunisia was not the greatest. He would roommate with different friends then leave when he could not afford to help pay his part. I found his brother and sister on facebook and still to this day he denies that they are his sister and brother even though he's in a photo with his sister. He denies that this is him -_- When I got to know his brother and his brother's wife. He denied that he knew me or anything about me and that really broke my heart because after 3 years of talking no one knew nothing of me. He came back to me one day and said that we were just friends nothing more. And now he will be married soon. I think he is a psychopath. I am also in new relationship. And I do wish the best for him and I know this is all over the place but when I first started speaking with him he had blocked all of his friends on his facebook. He speaks French and Tunisian Arabic. He had a fake page that has always had me blocked and still does but recently he posted a photo of his self. So the whole time while I knew him he was lying the entire time. Should I put his photos in the gallery or no? It's crazy because he never messages me through Whatsapp anymore but he see's the messages and message me on skype. I also want to say that my connection with him was spiritual and I do believe we shared a past life together. I don't care if no one believes this. He's a good person but also shady. When he came back to me it was like he was an entire different person. That old kind person was no more. It's like he has a whole new identity! He moved on and healed but didn't tell me or give me time. I did notice that he stopped saying he loved me back but he should have been honest with me.
Do NOT wish the best for him! He’s a monster! He was horrible to you! We were always taught to have a big heart and show compassion for people, especially the less fortunate! He’s not the less fortunate! He’s an evil, criminal, psychopathic monster! He used you like he’s obviously used numerous others! When they disappear, it is because another victim has gone to visit them. They can not risk the current victim catching him so they put the other victims “on hold!” They are evil to their core! Stay strong! Fight back! Don’t take anything off of this bastard ever again! They truly panic when they discover they have conned a super strong woman! Seriously! Hang in there! Big hugs! Write letters to everybody, everywhere....FBI, Interpol, all Embassies, USA State Department, UK Home Office, Immigration and customs offices everywhere, and the USA TSA and ICE! Stop their travels! They must be stuck in Tunisia! That will be their ultimate home anyways by Momma with fake virgin whore wife! Disgusting bunch of morons! Best wishes to you!

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Apparently, our voices are listened too! I was sent an insult, but I took it as a positively victorious moment! I was completely jubilant! :thumbsup: We are being heard by these alphabet groups of investigative agencies!!! :)
I am glad. He doesn't scare me anymore. He's stopped calling me and his last message was asking me should he call my boyfriend.If I knew what kind of person he really was I would have looked the other way. He told me how he can go to Egypt and how I know it won't be hard for him to see Mahmoud. What a fucking rat and a creep. Some Muslim he is. I forgot he was Muslim anyway by the way his behavior has been.