Victim's returning to their rat's


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Does that mean the rat can take the child back to Tunisia and away from the mother? Does the mother have no rights at all, even if the child was born in her own country? If yes, that's absolutely disgusting!


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Reminds me of all those rats putting pictures of their mother on Facebook. As if a photo of your mother on Facebook makes you a good person (puke :sick:).
Sweetheart Clevercat I hope you are happy with your daughter, not too bitter, and that you survive, financially and emotionally. Unasked advice, vent your gall here but never tell your daughter her father is a rat. She will come to that conclusion herself when she reaches the age of reason. In fact I am convinced that you are lucky that her father is not in your life anymore, Better to have no father than a muslim father who wants to separate his child from the mother. In Tunisia "the law" (courts, judges) consider a non-muslim mother automatically second best, simply because she is not a muslim.
Thank you Anita, I'm happy now and I understand that losing him was a big lucky. But at the beginning I was very depressed, I was desperate during the pregnancy. It was the worst period of my life.
My rat put the picture of this mother!!!! And of his nephew!!! Like all rats he is very good at playing the part of the poor victim! And the thing that make me angry is that his wife and his wife friends believe him! For months they wrote bad words againts me on facebook. Such a terrible period of my life...