Walid Ouertatani aka Wr Walid


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Wratlid must have started drinking and drugging early today :whistle:
Come on over to TLR Wratlid and plead your case.
Someone needs to check this abuser into a mental hospital. He needs an evaluation. He doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. His demons are winning. I am trying not to laugh at this basket case, but I know he would abuse you again if you stepped foot back in that country. He talks of contradictions, his entire life is a contradiction. Where is his mom and dad? Since they are so fond of their mommies, why can’t she tell him to get himself together?

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They are not false accusations Walid Ouertatani, Apples has all proofs and not only those on this thread or the gallery, but all examinations made by American Authorities. Stop being childish.
This the reason he hasn’t made an account. He knows she’d end him and all his lies. So he post from Facebook like a fool. He won’t come here. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

He needs a 2 slices of cucumbers and some aging cream. Those bags under his eyes are not cute. He is one ugly abuser. Yet, he acts all innocent. Little crybaby.

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Wow! Thanks! He said that word A LOT! Is there a cuss word in Arabic which sounds similar to “jbora”?
Perhaps he meant it as a cuss word ;)

:D Urban dictionary:

The object of hatred wherever you go.

An American: Damn those goddamn foreigners.
An Englishman: I loathe those bloody foreigners.
A Swede: Jävla utlänningar.
A Finn: Vitun ulkomaalaiset.
A Frenchman: Je déteste les étrangers.
A German: Arschlosche Scheisse lözsch blszslzhszöslszzöslch.

Mango Chutney

I did not know I was dead :D
I must be posting from the other side.
You clearly spent too long in that hell hole....you have become one of their miraculous resurrections.....and I can’t get an Easter Egg to celebrate in July, waaaaaahhhh :Cry:

I’ll celebrate the miraculous resurrection Tunisian style.....boiled egg it is :p

Welcome back to the land of the living, Apples :love: