Wedding money stolen 25 days before wedding

Mango Chutney

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Aug 29, 2015
It looks like an Orange phone shop...I thought that last time too...but is he working there, or is he doing what Wajdi Rahali did.....and posing behind somebody else's desk :rolleyes:
It's a sure thing that when I worked....I didn't post pics of me in the workplace on FB :thumbsup:
His attire looks too casual for guess says he has a friend working there.


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Nov 24, 2018
Ya.....and get shat on by cats :D
They're gonna need a digger of epic proportions to dig a hole big enough to accommodate all his blubber.
In fact....I fear they may need planning permission :D

Khaled Chourabi
9 hrs ·
لا احـتـاج الـى الـنـسـاء لأن يـوم جـنـازتـي سـيـرفـعـونـي الـرجـال

I do not need women, because the day of my funeral I will be lifted up by men

You're damn right, BIG BOY View attachment 40860 View attachment 40859 lots of men :D
More like he’s gonna need a forklift
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