WHO knows (Mohamed) Bechir Ghazouani??? VERY IMPORTANT!!!

WHO can help?WHO know (Mohamed) Bechir Ghazouani???

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the nutty professor

Bad Teacher
Aug 9, 2012
i am pregnant...(ich bin schwanger) thats how he got visa over the baby without german a1 test to germany (so hat er über das baby in mir visa ohne deutsch a1 test bekommen) i told them it is not a real marriage (ich hab denen gesagt es ist seinerseits eine scheinehe) but if one person really married the other because of love it is a real marriage (aber wenn einer von beiden ernste absichten hatte und ernsthaft gefühle hatte ist es keine scheinehe) =(
gosh, its a bit like eurovison song contest here with the simultaneous translations going on all over the place.
Tunisie, nil points


"starke Frau"
Jan 14, 2013
It IS a Scheinehe, because he USED you for a visa. In the UK ,being pregnant doesn,t help to get a visa, didn,t know it helped in Germany. In any case please go to the Frauenberatungsstelle, they will definatly help you.Ich könnte seine Fresser reintreten, der dreckige Schweinehund
wish it would be like in uk...but it is different here =( i will do...and thank you so much


The Punchy Scot
Oct 26, 2010
dont worry about the curtain...this is HOW a clean home look like for them...just hang it up it doesnt matter how or right or wrong...it should just hang and look like curtain...ash everywhere on the floor is also a cleaned floor...you dont need an ashtrey if you can use the whole floor...piss on the toilette is ok too...it is still clean cuz it is just like water and ok if you sit in it as a woman...they are just living like pigs in dirt...the ironie is: they hate pigs...but even pigs live more civilisated then the most of them...also washing clothes is not neccesary...you just put it back in the shell and put on something else and when you wear it again a few days later it is cleaning itself in the shell =) lol...this is HOW my EX-husband lived...and socks you can wear a few days even they already smell really bad after one day...!!!
Hey, he said to me people who eat pigmeat the smell bad...he said it so often...then one day...a few days before i told him i get divorce i said: if it is true what you say about people who eat pigmeat then you are eating pigmeat too because your feets smell every day really bad and strong i never in my whole life met somebody who smelled that bad on his feets and dont even wash it/care about it!!! (he got so mad cuz i said it but really girls...his feets smelled every day really really strong and bad...so i guess he eat pigmeat too cuz this is what he said and tried to teach me =) lol )
Ha ha...sorry but your posts make me laugh.... cause you sound like me......keep saying it as it is....get the shit out.....Lil you need to rename sunshinesly..


LOL everyone is confused now - time for the summary queen

Tunisiasun posted a translation of Bettyb's post but didn't say "this is a translation" so everyone got a bit confused :D
oopsy, and there I was thinking I was being helpful :oops::D


"starke Frau"
Jan 14, 2013
Hello Sunshinesly, I'm so sorry to hear your sad story. But please believe me that there is one sunny side to it : you will get rid of this shameless rat and have very soon your baby to focus on. Is there any chance that you might prevent your baby of having contact with his father? Because the rat will surely only show up when this child will guarantee him benefits, so essentially try to prevent this from happening, it will only contribute to your own peace of mind and certainly make it easier to raise your child in all tranquility!
I wish you good luck, time will heal your wounds and the baby will also help you. Keep in mind : it's better for a child not t have a father around than having a ratty father!
i know...you are absolutly right...


Lady Amberheart of Gafsa
Jul 13, 2018
...This is my story:

12/6/12 I got married to Mohamed Bechir Ghazouani and almost same time i got pregnant (Baby will be born 22/3/13) and 01/10/12 he came without german a1 test over the baby and our marriage to germany!!!
I didnt meet him in a hotel...i met his cousin Hammed in a hotel in el mouradi skanes (tunisia) and signed in facebook to the el mouradi side where Bechir made a post and i commented it and that is how we met and all started and because of Hammed and our talks i got more and more trust and fell in love with him...he let me think he think about love/ life & family the same way like i do...but it was all just a big plan to get papers for europe and hammed helped him cuz he knew already HOW i am!!!
24/10/12 we ordered his visumcard and after this he showed his REAL face!!!
First it just started with small things like smoking in the apartement with closed windows (even i dont smoke and also because of the unborn baby we said just outside open window or balkony), then his ash of cigarett all over the carpet and burned holes in it (and it is from the owner of apartement) and i had to do all alone in housework...even heavy stuff..., he didnt wanna learn language or find job to help me...he just always wanted that i buy him things like clothes, shoes, parfum...and so on...i did in beginning so he can find a job cuz with the clothes he brought it would have been no chance with holes in it and stuff...but then i stopped and said that he gotta do something not just always staying long awake and sleep all day long and making my apartement dirty even i leave it cleaned and just work and come back and can start all over again.
Then he got more and more aggressive...and screamed at the end every day and threatening me with saying : take care what you say otherwise if i loose respect i also hit/kick women (and i know he do cuz he did it to both of his sisters)
Then he had all around frankfurt friends who got married to germany too and i didnt know them until he was here and he always just wanted to meet them alone without me and just left me alone and drink alcohol with the one of offenbach...he also wanted me to buy for home alcohol (beer) but i didnt buy it cuz it was clear no alcohol for home/for every day...just maybe drinking at birthdayparties or new years day...but NEVER every day!!! -He got very mad because of this too.
I paid all here...!!! And i NEVER let him alone here...he always came with me to friends and met them all but he always pushed me out of his life!
21/11/12 we wanted to pick up his visumcard before i got lateshift at work because my boss wanted to give him a job.
The phone ringed and his offenbacher friend was calling, he put on his jacket and said i go and meet him alone.
I told him that it is not working like this you dont wanna learn language, you dont wanna find work, you just make everything dirty here and dont help me in any point here, you always push me out of your life and meet your friends alone but i am not allowed to do anything alone, you just scream at me, you get aggressive, you break things if you are mad like my i pod and punsh against things, you threaten me that you will punsh me, i said this is no love and i dont want it like this and if he wanna live like a single and do what he wanna then i wanna get divorce cuz like this it is not working. He left the apartement and then a few hours later he came back to my work...doing like nothing happened...but i told him that i made my decition and i wanna get divorce, then he totally freaked out...telling me many times if i wanna get divorce i gotta go to doctor and kill the baby cuz i am not allowed to have anything of him and the baby is also something from him...totally sick...!!! One girl at my work tried to calm him down but it was not possible...i told him then to leave and pick up his things at 21 o clock in the hallway of house cuz this is my work and there is nothing to talk anymore and it is also not allowed to discuss privat things here.
He left and at midnight 21/11/12 he came but making so much noise outside my door cuz he wanted to get into the apartement and boxed / punshed against it so i got so scared and called police. Before they came he told me that if they really come and he catch me outside i will see his ugly face...and he did NOT even think ONE SECOND HOW i feel or his unborn baby with all this stress he made and that he scared me and i was so much crying because i got so scared...ALL he was thinking about was: Give me the papers so i can get my visumcard at the office!!! As i say: it is more than clear that he just wanted from beginning the papers and NOTHING else!!!
Police came and put him handcuffs on...he is not allowed since then to contact me in any way...but he didnt keep that...and he NEVER stop his lies...not even now since everything is OVER!!!
30/11/12 he tried to break into my apartement and is listed now at police-department...i had to repair the door cuz it is not mine...it belongs to the owner of the apartement!!!
He broke my postbox and took always all post out of it...he also steal mine!!!
He knew about both dates of doctor of the baby...i didnt change them cuz i knew he didnt keep it in his mind cuz the baby is NOTHING for him...i went there with somebody just in case he would come...but i was RIGHT...he dont care about it...it is NOTHING for him!!!
I started to search for answers in the internet everywhere like facebook and so on and i found a woman who got an e-mail from him 10/11/12 a bit after we ordered his visumcard (remember 21/11/12 i through him out of apartment and told him it is OVER) wich says: i am here in germany in frankfurt by my own without your money cuz i want serious girl!!! NOTHING about the baby or me or that he is married...just like as he is still searching for something serious...that is how me and that woman understood that mail...cuz if he would have meant ME...he would have said something like...: and i found it...i am married and i get a baby...RIGHT???
But NOTHING like that...the mail was completely for HER!!!
Now i also found out that beginning of november (the first week of it) he also tried to contact many women like his ex and so on and just telling he is in germany as just this count and again NOTHING about the baby the wedding or me... =(
He is a really good liar...i think they all learn this from little so they can leave one day their country cuz otherwise they are stuck there FOREVER!!!
NOW as i wanna get divorce...all of a sutton he say: i cant leave cuz i get a baby and he wanna use it to get visa over the baby...but i dont wanna let him win with all his lies wich dont stop and let the little poor baby used by him too like he already did with me...i wanna protect it from him...that is why every day i try everything to find out more and more to prove all his lies and get divorce before the baby get born and he can use it for his sick plan!!!
That is also WHY i came to this side and try it here too and hope i find help?!!
I got this link from a friend who got also tricked by one tunisian man and here she also found somebody who got also tricked and used by some tunisan man and the best thing is: this three men know each other and it is like a little organisation they seem to have to reach their aim...to get papers to other country and they all have more woman same time and take the one who is the fastes in saying yes...wich ich SO SICK of them!!!
They just use and treat us like shit...and LIES over LIES...but enough is enough...we gotta stop them and show them that NOW it is time for the TRUTH and stop to let them win with their lies and get everything they want with their lies!!!
PLEASE...if anybody know him...contact me here or in facebook...in facebook my name is xxx is my e-mail there or write me on my new e-mail adress: xxx He was working for a while in el mouradi skanes beach in tunisia...and in egypt...and turkye...and he made often fakir/fireshows all around tunisia!!!
He is best friend (or relative) with hammed maroufi and oussama!
His nickname is bachichu...or bachraking...
It is not just me a grown up person he wanna use for his SICK plan and for Papers...it is also a UNBORN little helpless baby...dont let him win and use the baby...we gotta protect it and we also gotta protect us from sick people / Psychos like him...!!!
PLEASE help if you can!!!
Bye xxx
This story is sad and keeps repeating. : /
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