me myself and I77

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I wish i had known about this site before my encounter with my rat..I knew nothing about Tunisia men. I was casually looking at pics of beaches and resorts when I came across this.
If i had k nown all this before i would have saved myself heartache but now I am just angry at him. From the casual friend request on Fb to the chats on messenger,, the niceness,the humour and so soon to want me to go over to Tunisia. All classic cases. The talking every day and the consistent smile. I dont care about age at all and I do not want children.. then one day he was not there same time and he came on with a troubled look, he had no money for paying for transport to university or to buy food.. an other classic sob story. Of course being kindhearted sent him money to eat.. Months go by and always nice until the moody face and sullen nature... He was illl and was going to die..(oh pls) couldnt breathe and pains in his heart..Told him to go to doc..He said he went to Emergency and they told him he needed cardiologist, but the test he needed would cost 400 dollars..yes exactly 400..I asked someone if that was the case and they said NO..Also the docs were all closed due to coronavirus. NOw i was mad and stated i would not be sending him anymore money..He said I was difficult..oh hell yes... I get to occasional text saying he misses me bu to h well. His friends on fb were always hidden too..another sign and falling in love so qui ckly another one.. I see he is online at 2 or3 a.m.. now..onto the next..now he is bl ocked. Wissem Daagi.